Law & Society Certificate

Through the completion of this certificate, students will gain in-depth knowledge of how law intersects with and influences the practice of public administration and public policy-making and implementation.

Students will learn how public administrators can work more effectively with knowledge of legal history and legal policy, how law shapes managerial processes, how it shapes government and the system of justice, and how it affects ordinary people in every walk of life.

The knowledge gained through the courses in the Law and Society certificate will prepare students for work in a variety of settings, including criminal justice organizations, non-profits, policy think tanks, political institutions, and public administrative agencies of all kinds.


  • The certificate requires 4 courses for a total of 12 graduate credit hours. 
  • Other courses may be substituted with the approval of the MPA Faculty Director.
  • Students pursuing more than one SPAA certificate may use a maximum of one course to count toward both certificates.  
  • While all students are welcome to apply, this graduate certificate's course work is only offered at the Edwards Campus and the required courses are only scheduled every other year.

Certificate Application Deadlines

  • Spring Admission: January 1

  • Summer Admission: May 1

  • Fall Admission: August 1

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Required Courses

(6 credit hours)


Elective Course Options

2 courses (6 credit hours) from the following or another department-approved graduate course:



See Graduate Certificates for admissions and application requirements.

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Program Details/Application Process
Cari Ann Kreienhop, MPA Program Manager