Kansas University City Managers and Trainees Alumni Organization - KUCIMATS

Alumni reconnect at the alumni banquet in Baltimore, MD

Supporting students and faculty to develop and improve the MPA program at KU

Since the first MPA class graduated in 1950, the alumni of the School of Public Affairs and Administration have continued their long-standing tradition of public service, making a difference through their work in a variety of roles at all levels of government and in numerous nonprofit organizations.

The KUCIMATS are governed by a board of directors elected by the membership.  Members serve a 3-year term which is eligible for renewal, for a maximum of two terms.  Officers serve one-year terms in succession from secretary, president-elect, president, to immediate past-president.  The board rotates at the KUCIMAT banquet, typically at the ICMA annual conference.  

We Thank You for Your Financial Support

Contributions from the KUCIMAT network allow our program to offer a level of support to our students that sets us apart! We appreciate every level of financial support and wouldn't be the number one program in local government without it! So THANK YOU, KUCIMATS!

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