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Dual Degree Programs

The School of Public Affairs & Administration professional programs (Master of Public Administration & Master of Urban Planning) have collaborations in place with the School of Law, Geography and each other for students to specialize further in the fields of public service, justice, and cultural and environmental sustainability.

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Dual MPA/MUP Degree

  • This program combines the normal course work requirements for the Master of Urban Planning (42 credit hours) and the Master of Public Administration (43 credit hours) into just 72 credit hours for both degrees in 3 years.
  • Students interested in learning about and leading cities into the future will gain critical planning, sustainability, and administrative skills through the combination of these degrees.  

Dual JD/MPA Degree

  • This program allows the student to obtain a J.D. and a Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree in four years and two summers.
  • It is of special interest to law students who intend to practice in communities where they might be called on to perform legal services for the municipality, as city attorneys or otherwise, and to students preparing for positions in city management.
  • The program provides preparation for positions in such agencies as leagues of municipalities or state governmental authorities and serves as a training ground for the rapidly developing field of court administration.  

Dual MUP/Geography Degree

  • This program combines into two and one-half years of study (plus time required for the M.A. Thesis) the normal two-year Master of Urban Planning degree offered by the School of Public Affairs & Administration (48 credit hours) and the normal one-year Master of Arts degree in American Studies (30 credit hours) offered by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.
  • A program of 60 credit hours is required.
  • This program is designed for students who intend to engage in planning for the arts, cultural activities and facilities, and historic preservation within urban communities.

Apply for Dual Degrees

Students applying to Dual Degree programs must submit 2 applications - one to each of the degree programs in the KU Graduate Admissions system.

For more information about each degree's admission requirements and curriculum, please refer to the program page and advising support staff for each degree:

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