Ph.D. Funding

Doctoral applicants who submit their materials by the January 5th deadline will be automatically considered for the four-year financial aid package offered by the School of Public Affairs and Administration.

  • The School offers Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTA), Graduate Research Assistantships (GRA), and Graduate Assistantships (GA) to doctoral students.
  • These positions include salary for a half-time appointment (20 hours a week) during the academic year, plus full coverage of tuition and fees.
  • Students are offered multi-year packages (usually 5 years) at the time of admission.
  • GTA, GRA, and GA assignments are geared toward the student’s interests and aimed toward providing a diversity of research and teaching experiences.
  • Ongoing financial support is contingent on normal progress toward the PhD degree, and on satisfactory completion of assigned responsibilities as part of the GTA, GRA, or GA positions.

To apply for financial aid through the University, contact the Office of Student Financial Aid.


Additional Financial Support

  • SPAA also provides financial support for travel to academic conferences, summer research activities and internal professional development workshops.

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