Adam Vaughn

Adam Vaughn
  • Post-graduation employment: Senior Financial Analyst in the City of Topeka, KS

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Adam Vaughn is an Alan Sims, Darwin Daicoff, and Ethan Allen Fellow and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in family life from Brigham Young University. Adam was an intern with The Pioneer Park Coalition, a nonprofit organization in Salt Lake City that works on improving the homeless delivery system in Salt Lake City. During his time with the Pioneer Park Coalition, Adam organized a televised debate for the Salt Lake City mayoral race. He was also heavily involved with legislative efforts to increase affordable housing, provide more services for individuals experiencing homelessness, and to add more accountability to the homeless delivery system. During his undergraduate time, Adam served as a teacher’s assistant and was part of a research team that was engaged in a longitudinal study on young adults' life decisions. Adam hopes that he can make a difference in the lives of those who are underserved and struggle to maintain the basic necessities of life.


B.S. in Family Life, Brigham Young University

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Alan Sims Scholarship

Darwin Daicoff Scholarship

Ethan Allen Scholarship