Inoru Yamamoto Morris


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Inoru Yamamoto Morris  (he/him/his) is a doctoral student and an LGBTQ+ community advisor to several public institutions and policymakers in the Kansas and Missouri legislatures. Inoru received his bachelor’s in East Asian Languages and Cultures and Global and International Studies at the University of Kansas. During his tenure, he received a two-year research scholarship through Sophia University (上智大学) in Tokyo, Japan to study the role of the United States in East Asia as it relates to diplomacy. Upon his return to the United States, he received his master’s in Public Affairs and Administration, centering his study on issues and affairs that affect gender and sexual minorities.

Inoru’s research interest focuses on the ongoing crises gender and sexual minorities face in today’s administrative environment and the creation and crafting of new policy initiatives to help remedy those issues. His research will explore the role of law and policy as a means to either empower gender and sexual minorities to engage with our public institutions or further isolate them from the institutions that were erected to serve them. He sits on board of directors for the Kansas City Center for Inclusion the regions only LGBTQ+ community center for 255 miles and is active in keeping the LGBTQ+ community active in modern political discourse.


B.A. in East Asian Languages and Cultures and International Relations, University of Kansas
MPA, University of Kansas