John C. Pierce

Dr. John Pierce
  • Affiliate Professor


John Pierce (Ph.D., University of Minnesota) is a political scientist, having enjoyed appointments at Tulane University, Washington State University, the University of Colorado and the University of Kansas in Museum Studies and Public Affairs and Administration. His primary research area has focused on various dimensions of the role of citizens in democratic politics. He has published (co-authored or co-edited) approximately 20 books, essay collections, and research monographs and more than 150 scholarly articles, essays, working papers, book chapters, personal essays, reprinted articles, proceedings and other materials. Pierce currently is Courtesy Research Associate, Graduate Faculty and Affiliate Faculty in the KU School of Public Affairs and Administration, Graduate Faculty in Public Policy at Oregon State University, Emeritus Professor and Emeritus Vice Chancellor at the University of Colorado, and Research Professor at Washington State University at Vancouver. At Washington State University, Pierce was Chair of the Department of Political Science for eight years and Dean of the College of Liberal Arts for eleven years; he served as Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs for four years; and, from 2003 to 2006 Pierce was Executive Director of the Oregon Historical Society. John Pierce has been named Washington State University Outstanding Faculty, University of Minnesota Alumni of Notable Achievement, Distinguished Alumni by the University of Puget Sound, Washington State University Mortar Board Distinguished Professor, and American Political Science Congressional Fellow.