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De-Coding "Oppenheimer": People, Politics, and Places of the Movie

Are you ready to learn, grow, and develop your understanding of the people, politics, and places from the movie Oppenheimer? The award-winning film has dazzled audiences with its portrayal of historical items…but did you leave perplexed about the context?

SPAA Professor Ward Lyles Part of Just Energy, Transitions, and Place Project

Researchers from the University of Kansas are part of a multi-institutional partnership to help ensure the United States’ ongoing transition to renewable energy and low-carbon technologies is just and provides equity and opportunities for communities on the front lines of the climate crisis.

SPAA Welcomes Assistant Professor Hala Altamimi to Faculty

The School of Public Affairs and Administration is pleased to welcome Hala Altamimi to the faculty as an assistant professor. Altamimi’s research centers on public and nonprofit management and finance with specific interests in organizational behavior, decision-making, and result-oriented…

Zachary Mohr Returns to SPAA as Associate Professor

The School of Public Affairs and Administration is pleased to welcome associate professor, Zachary Mohr to the faculty.  Mohr’s research focuses on cost analysis and accounting practices in government, which includes examining the costs of administering elections in the United States.  His upcoming…

Professor's "Retirement Project" Investigates KU Athletics Ticket Scandal in New Book


SPAA welcomes Professor Hye-Sung Han to Faculty

The School of Public Affairs and Administration is delighted to welcome assistant professor Hye-Sung Han to the faculty. 

Study finds proximity to employment not as important as previously thought in federal housing programs

LAWRENCE — For decades, the federal government has used housing vouchers as part of a strategy to help low-income Americans obtain affordable housing as a way out of poverty.

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